Responsive Web Design Is Key To Small Business

Telford Steam Railway - Designed By Pixel Locker

It amazes me how each day¬†I visit websites that don’t provide the best experience they could for their visitors. So many websites either ignore mobile visitors completely or have a completely watered down mobile version of their website targeting a couple of the more well know mobile devices, (iPhone). Well theres more mobile devices, tablets, phones, even watches! It’s time¬†business became responsive!


We only make make responsive websites here at Pixel Locker, if you want a website and aren’t interested in mobile users, your really missing a trick. Did you know Google has now stopped showing websites in it’s listings to mobile users if it isn’t mobile friendly? Oh and according to Google thats nearly 50% of the people searching, a lot to loose eh?

If your not sure if your website is mobile friendly use Google’s Mobile Friendly Tool to find out and if it comes back as unfriendly feel free to contact us at Pixel Locker, we will be more than happy to advice you, and even give you a completely free, noncommittal estimate.

Your small business is important to you I’m sure so why work hard at it when you can have a website that does the hard work for you. Remember Arkwright from “Open all hours”, he didn’t put all his goods on show outside for fun, he did it to attract customers in, in a digital age your website is the modern version of your shop window, so let’s get it to invite customers in shall we whether they are on a computer, tablet or phone!