Responsive, Mobile Friendly Website Design

It's important to cater to all vistors not only those on desktops. At Pixel Locker we specialise in providing all users with the best experience for the device they are using.

Make your website accessible to all with responsive design.

Example of Responsive Web Design

At Pixel Locker we create websites with mobile users in mind from the start. Providing a mobile experience to users isn't about hiding elements of the website or giving a dumbed down version of your website to visitors. Mobile Design focuses on providing your visitors with a rich user experience focusing on the goals of visitor. We understand the needs and goals of a mobile visitor are different than other users and our design philosophy represents that.

25% of browsers use mobiles.

Providing your Customers with a Mobile Experience.

As of March 2014 a staggering 23.91% of all browsing is completed by a mobile device and this number is increasing year on year. That is almost 25% of your customers will attempt to view your website using their mobile phone and stats show 61% of people have a better opinion towards a company / brand when they offer a good mobile experience. This is why at Pixel Locker our websites are not just "mobile compatible" but "Designed with Mobile Mind".

55% of businesses have a mobile website do you?

Don't fall behind.

Many businesses now understand how crucial a mobile experience is to their customers and ultimately, their sales however 45% of businesses continue not to provide their visitors with a mobile experience. Don't fall behind! Surveys have shown vistors greated with a none mobile experience when using a mobile device leave the website immediately and often then visit a competitors website. Don't loose business to your competitors by not providing a rich mobile experience, afterall we both know how hard it can be to get a customer.